Am I a Candidate?

Bariatric surgery, or surgical weight loss surgery, can be a very effective option for those who have struggled to lose weight in the past or have additional health problems associated with obesity.

Many people wonder “am I a good candidate for weight loss surgery?”.

Am I a Good Candidate?

To qualify for weight loss surgery, you must meet the following criteria:

  • BMI greater than 40 or
  • BMI greater than 35 with obesity related disease
  • Absence of drug and alcohol problems
  • No uncontrolled psychological conditions
  • Failed attempts at medical weight loss
  • Healthy enough for surgery
  • Consensus by a multi-disciplinary team
  • Understands the surgery and risks

To achieve long-term success, patients who undergo bariatric surgery must commit to the process. This is not a quick fix.

Bariatric surgery is a tool, and it takes lifelong commitment to be successful. Patients need to be prepared to adopt and maintain a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Safety of Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

There are several types of surgical weight loss procedures including gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap band.

There are risks of the surgeries, as well as potential complications that can occur after. Your surgical weight loss team will explain all of this and advise you on the best treatment plan.

Thanks to technological advancements and advancements in the medical field, bariatric surgery is safer than ever.

Furthermore, it can be performed laparoscopically, reducing the risks even further.    

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