Reversal, Revisional, and Corrective Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a treatment for morbid obesity. Sometimes, people need a reversal, revisional, or corrective bariatric surgery. This can be done for several reasons.

Revisional Surgery

This is not a new concept. The first two operations that were performed to treat obesity both had high rates of revision.

The first, jejunoileal bypass was associated with unpredictable nutritional problems, diarrhea, and other severe issues. Due to this, it was often revised or reversed.

The second operation, stapled gastroplasty, or stomach stapling, was associated with weight loss failures. This is due to the poor design of the operation and the fact that these staples frequently “popped”, essentially ruining the operation.

Do You Need a Reversal, Revisional, or Corrective Bariatric Surgery?

Currently, the two most popular bariatric surgeries are the Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass procedures. While they are typically very successful, sometimes people do require a revision.

For Lap-Band procedures, the rate of revision within the first two years is over 10%.

People may choose to have a revision done because of unsatisfactory weight loss or device-related issues.

With Gastric Bypass, the revision rate is between 5-10% after the first five years. this may be due to troublesome complications like ulcers, or due to unsatisfactory weight loss.

If you have had poor weight loss, weight regain, or complications from your procedure, you may be eligible for revisional bariatric surgery.

Experienced Providers Matter

Due to the high complexity and complication rate, revisional bariatric surgery is difficult to perform. In some cases, the risks of revisional procedures are greater than 10 times that of the primary bariatric procedure.

Therefore, choosing an experienced, skilled provider is crucial. The outcome of the majority of revisional operation is generally favorable when done by an experienced bariatric surgeon.  

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