Single Incision Robotic Cholecystectomy

Gallbladder removal or cholecystectomy, is one of the most common surgeries in the United States. We are proud to offer single incision, robotic cholecystectomy. This is cutting edge technology that provides patients with the best care in a minimally invasive way.

Single Incision Robotic Cholecystectomy

Robot surgery sounds like something from a sci-fi movie but it’s real. More than that, it is quickly becoming a preferred method for several procedures. During the cholecystectomy, a surgeon sits a console viewing high definition, 3-D images. The surgeon uses controls to move the robotic arms, which are attached to surgical instruments.

The system translates the surgeon’s hand, wrist, and finger movements into precise, real-time movements of the surgical instruments inside the patient. The surgery can be performed in less than an hour and the patients typically have a two-hour hospital stay after the procedure.

With the robotic system, surgeons can perform surgery with just a single incision. Currently, laparoscopic surgery requires four small incisions, but this new technology is even less invasive. A single incision, roughly 3cm long, that can be made in the belly button to deliver the best cosmetic results.

Benefits of Robotic Cholecystectomy

With this system, a surgeon can achieve greater range of motion and precision. The surgeon also has a magnified, high definition, 3-D view while operating. Lastly, the instruments become an extension of the surgeon. The surgeon’s wrists, hands and fingers move the small surgical instruments in a precise, delicate way.

There are also several benefits for the patient. These include minimal scarring and an improved cosmetic result, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and early return to normal activities.

Good Candidates

Roughly 1.2 million gallbladder removal surgeries are performed every year in the U.S. Most people who need gallbladder removal are eligible for single incision, robotic surgery.

This is the recommended treatment for people suffering from gallstones, infection or non-functioning gallbladders.

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