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7 Tips to Help Manage Weight After Bariatric Surgery From the One of the Top Weight Loss Surgeons in McLean, Virginia

Bariatric surgery is an awesome and effective step towards weight loss. However, with big weight loss comes big lifestyle changes.

Follow these 7 tips to help manage weight after bariatric surgery from the top weight loss surgeon in McLean, Virginia!

  1. Step Away From the Sugar

You get absolutely no nutrients from sugar, but you do end up with cravings and elevated blood sugar levels.

While it’s almost impossible to avoid it completely, our top weight loss surgeons in McLean, Virginia recommend avoiding foods that have sugar in the top few ingredients.

  1. Put Down the Snacks

Snacks between meals slow down your weight loss. Not to mention, snacking is a habit from your days before bariatric surgery that needs to be kicked.

If you’re hungry, eat a meal and avoid unnecessary calories and sugar from snacking.

  1. Ditch the Drinks

Most drinks besides water are made with a lot of sugar and calories. Fancy coffee drinks, energy drinks, and alcoholic drinks are all sources of empty calories and slow down your weight loss.

Stay hydrated with water, nutritious smoothies, and protein drinks.

  1. Say “YES!”to Protein

Protein should be the main character in every meal. It helps build muscle and keeps you fuller for longer. Every time you eat, focus on eating protein first.

  1. Pick Up an Exercise Routine

The minute your doctor gives you the go-ahead to exercise, get to it! Work on fitting in exercise into your daily routine, or change your daily routine to fit in exercise.

Activities like regular walking decrease recovery time and increase weight loss. 

  1. Dial-In on Mindful Eating

Always choose the healthiest meal option available. Focus on nutrients, portion control, and listening to your body. Stop eating when you feel full.

  1. Stick With Your Follow-Ups

If you skip your follow-up visits, your doctor can’t monitor nutritional deficiency or potential surgery complications.

Your follow ups keep you motivated to stay on track with weight loss too!

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