Looking for a Duodenal Specialist in McLean, Virginia?

Here Is What to Look for in Your Surgeon!

Duodenal switch surgery helps you lose weight more than gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy alone. Here is what to look for in your duodenal switch specialist in McLean, Virginia.

What Is Duodenal Switch Surgery?

Duodenal switch is a complicated weight loss surgery that can only be performed by highly trained surgeons who specialize in surgery for weight loss management.

What Happens in a Duodenal Switch Surgery?

First, your surgeon performs a sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure removes a large portion of your stomach and makes you feel full more quickly, so you consume less food.

Then, your small intestines are surgically adjusted to cut down on how many calories and nutrients your body is able to absorb.

Lastly, the way your small intestines processes food through bile and digestive juices is surgically changed. Duodenal switch surgery can be done with traditional open surgery. However, laparoscopic surgery offers much better results.

What Happens After Duodenal Switch Surgery?

When you have duodenal switch surgery, expect to lose a very large amount of weight and feel great! However, you will be at high risk for mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Your surgeon should closely monitor your nutrient levels through routine blood work and prescribe the appropriate supplements to help you maintain a healthy body.

What Do I Need to Look for in a Duodenal Switch Specialist in McLean, Virginia?

Duodenal switch surgery is very complex. There is no doubt the number one thing to look for when looking for a duodenal switch specialist is experience.

You want someone who has performed this surgery and many other surgeries before and is experienced in both open and laparoscopic techniques. An experienced specialist knows to monitor your nutrients and the exact amount of supplement to prescribe.

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Our duodenal switch surgeons have over 30 years of experience and know how to masterfully perform weight loss surgery with the latest techniques and methods.

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