Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible?

Weight loss surgery can be a daunting procedure to consider which leaves many patients asking themselves the question, “is gastric sleeve reversible?

Below we explore the answer to this question for your convenience.

Gastric Bypass Reversal

Gastric bypass surgery is one of many bariatric surgery options that is considered to be non-reversible.

While reversible may technically be possible, the risks of reversing the surgery may offer life threatening complications.

Moreover, if reversed, this will likely result in weight gain and other weight related complications.

Irreversible Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight loss surgery is considered to be irreversible particularly if a section of the stomach was removed during the procedure.

Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible?

The sleeve gastrectomy surgery is difficult to reverse as a large portion of the stomach is removed which makes it difficult to reverse.

Gastric Band

While adjustable gastric band surgery is minimally invasive if you remove the band the patient has an increased rid of leaking due to the scarring left in its place.

Is it Safe to Reverse Bariatric Surgery?

Weight loss surgery reversal can be a complex and dangerous task.

The main reason behind this risk lies in the reoperation of tissue that has already experienced significant surgical trauma.

Before you consider a reversal for your weight loss surgery we recommend speaking with your doctor about alternatives that may help ease your discomfort without risking your health.

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