Top Corrective Bariatric Surgeon

Sometimes, after having bariatric surgery, a person may require a corrective procedure. This may be done for several reasons.

Whatever your reason, you want the top corrective bariatric surgeon to perform your procedure. 

Corrective Bariatric Surgery

People who have had a previous bariatric surgery but are regaining weight may choose to undergo corrective bariatric surgery like gastric bypass revision.

This procedure uses an endoscope, so there are no incisions or long recovery period.

Using the endoscope, the connection between the stomach pouch and the small intestines is sutured, which results in slower emptying of the stomach, earlier satiety, and more weight loss.

This also shrinks the stomach pouch, which also aids in lowering consumed calories. 

Benefits of Corrective Bariatric Surgery

There are several benefits to this procedure, including:

  • It is adjustable and/or revisable
  • No need for abdominal or internal surgical incisions
  • Provides unique procedures for different anatomies
  • Enables the surgeon to reduce the size of the stomach
  • Faster recovery than open or laparoscopic surgeries
  • Preserves future treatment options
  • Typically, an outpatient procedure
  • Essentially painless


The StomapyX device is an endoluminal fastener and delivery system that contains an ergonomic, flexible fastener delivery device and sterile polypropylene fastener implants.

It provides the strongest tissue bond and highest levels of durability. This procedure is performed on many patients and helps them improve their chances for long-term weight loss success. 

Least Invasive

Since it does not involve internal incisions or abdominal incisions, this procedure is the least invasive, has the lowest risk, and allows patient to recover more quickly and return to their normal activities.

This technique introduces the instruments through the mouth, which reduces the risk of infection from surgical incisions, preserves future treatment options, is essentially painless and requires less recovery time than open or minimally invasive procedures.

Top Corrective Bariatric Surgeon 

If you think that you may need a corrective bariatric surgery, this may be the perfect option for you. If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary technique, please contact Alagsa today!