What You Should Know Before Bariatric Revision Surgery in McLean, Virginia

Sometimes, bariatric surgery doesn’t result in long-term weight loss, or it results in awful acid reflux.

While these situations seem impossible, don’t worry! You might qualify for bariatric revision surgery.

Find out what you should know before bariatric revision surgery in McLean, Virginia.

What Are Clues Bariatric Surgery Isn’t Working?

For a lot of people, bariatric surgery provides permanent weight loss. However, some people find results fade over time. This causes worry and stress, and leads to further weight gain.

Some people continue to enjoy weight loss from bariatric surgery, but suffer from terrible acid reflux that seriously interrupts day-to-day life.

What’s the Culprit Causing Bariatric Surgery To Stop Working?

There are a few reasons you stop seeing results with your bariatric surgery. Your sleeve could have been the wrong size. Also, your band could have slipped and is now in an ineffective position.

However, the culprit is often returning to old lifestyle habits from before bariatric surgery. When you return to eating the way you did before surgery, it stretches your stomach back out.

It’s easy to believe bariatric surgery is a quick fix for permanent weight loss, but it actually takes a lot of work to change and maintain new habits. It’s always a great idea to invest in healthier habits by using portion control and exercising more often.

Bariatric Revision Surgery in McLean, Virginia Is an Option!

Up to 20% of bariatric surgery patients turn to revision surgery. Though bariatric revision surgery is often more difficult and weight loss is less dramatic than your first surgery, it solves a lot of problems when performed successfully. If you’re gaining weight or suffering acid reflux after bariatric surgery, talk to your doctor about revision.

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